Review: Said and Done at Sweet Novotel

Everyone has, at some point in their life felt lost, angry, confused and simply put – wondered where life would lead them?  And for Alice Ritchie and Lily London co-founders of Sugarscratch Theatre, it was no different. The only difference is – they decided to make a show about it

Said and Done is this theatre’s company debut show at Edinburgh’s Fringe. The performance begins at a wedding reception party where we see the two friends commenting on guests, playing silly role-playing games, dancing and drinking. As the night falls tensions grow and secrets are revealed.

Deeper issues such as the expectation of women in today’s society, friendships and family dynamics are explored throughout, however, the weak plot and characters soon become tiresome.

The performers should be commended for their focus and bravado.  Yet, the audience’s lack of interest and response pulled the actor’s energy down, making the whole thing seemed disconnected.

Although most jokes never landed, some laughter was shed at the pair’s physical comedy. During the choreographed movements that highlighted human rituals, the audience appeared more connected to the performance, yet these moments paused from the action in such a way that it made the hour feel slow and the show look messy and forced at times. 

Not all is lost for this company. Ritchie and London show extreme talent and promise, and it might even be fair to say that their target audience was not in that room the night I attended. 

So, if you are around and feel lost, confused or are wondering what show to watch when you have an hour to kill, why not join the party and see for yourself?

Said and Done, Sweet Novotel (Novotel 1), 2nd -25 August (Not 13th and 19th), 20:45 pm

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