This is a beautifully written, astutely conceived and humbly performed piece of work. The sardonic quips on the cult of ‘TED,’ and hilarious anecdotes on the life of a bumbling buffoon, don’t detract from a subtlety poignant narrative.

Told through a series of his “banned” TED Talks, Nathan D’Arcy Roberts’ character, bearing the same name, comes to terms with a series of new realities – in love, out of love, under the influence, out of control.

It seems the TED Talk is the perfect medium through which to ironically deconstruct the coming of age narrative, and there are some bitingly funny moments. But at heart, this one man character study is the story of a young man becoming alive to and aware of himself.

A writer at heart, and by nature, D’Arcy Roberts lack of experience on stage is used to the story’s advantage and his vulnerability is endearing – no doubt a feat of intimate direction on the part of director, Ben Mills. A quietly soulful piece that will have you chuckling along to the rhythm of the “new man” by the end.
Words: Phoebe Cottam

A TED* Talk With Clay JW Crowne (*not affiliated with, it’s members, fellows, organisers, partners, subsidiaries, sponsors or stockholders), Gilded Balloon, Jul 31 – Aug 25, 13:45


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