For the past 18 months American born Irishman Des Bishop has been living and studying abroad in China. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to milk this experience for its comedic value as he recaps his trials and tribulations in this brand new show Made in China.

The show runs through many of the absurd and often outlandishly hilarious situations that he managed to find himself in whilst away. Not least being his appearance on a Chinese version of Take Me Out, his trip to the Saturday morning marriage market and even his performance in an ancient Chinese heavy metal rock band.

Armed with only a slideshow and a somewhat faulty laser pointer Des manages to confidently and comfortably provide a glimpse into Chinese culture. His ability to keep you entertained and laughing while you gain an insight into such an amazing country is a testament to his love of the Chinese people, his ability to perform and alchemistic skill for making anything funny!
Words: Ellen Laird

Des Bishop: Made in China, Pleasance Dome, Jul 31 – Aug 24 (not 11), 20:00


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