If you’ve ever wondered what Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” would have sounded like had he been a stand-up comedian, then Josie Long’s new show won’t disappoint. It’s a wistful yet ultimately uplifting assessment of her romantic endeavours so far, and it’s a perfect example of the whimsically entertaining material that’s built her reputation as a Fringe favourite.

The unofficial queen of alternative comedy has constructed an affable stage persona (surely she’s not this jovial in real life, right?) that ensures whatever it is she’s enthusiastically chatting about, the audience is swept up with her and find themselves grinning along to discussions about the privatisation of public space.

Poignant reflections on heartbreak are woven around a startling visualisation of Nigel Farage being force-fed marshmallows, and an impassioned depiction of a relationship’s inevitable end is followed by a segment about how Radio 4 is basically just mainstream drivel.

It’s a well-crafted show that in due course reveals its optimistic crux, as all her sorrow and pain is channelled into a quixotic hour that makes you think your love life might turn out okay after all.
Words: Matthew Sharpe

Josie Long: Cara Josephine, The Stand Comedy Club, Jul 30 – Aug 24 (not 31, 11, 16), 20:40

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