Le Flop are an ensemble of five contemporary clowns who have discovered a style of storytelling that is entirely their own. Their show takes on a fairly familiar format: it’s kind of Bottom and the Mechanicals – the real focal point being the dynamic of the troupe, and their struggle to narrate a conventional romance plot.

The beauty of the piece is more in the combined distinctness and uncanniness of the five performers, and of the energy that they create between them.

It’s pure play. But crucially, this show has a playfulness that effectively conveys itself: in spite of following its own internal logic, the piece is well paced, and the complex games and character dynamics are always crystal clear. I’m sure that some of the grown ups would beg to differ, but this is a really special debut show.
Words: Luke Davies

Le Flop, Underbelly, Jul 31 – Aug 24, 22:50

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