In his first foray into the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Rhys James wears his youthful nature on his sleeve: plenty of quips about Twitter and pop culture including his brand of ‘pop poetry’.

His poetry has been slated by some critics, (whom he insists on referring to multiple times) yet they brought a fresh energy to the show and broke it up nicely. They give Rhys’ show an edge on the hundreds of other Fringe first-timers.  The poems could even have been utilised more as he rattled through the small amount he had prepared.

His jokes are tasteless at times and varied wildly on the popularity spectrum; some sequences have the entire crowd in boisterous laughter whilst a minute later a deadly hush can fall as he completes the subsequent section. Overall, though, in the overbearing heat of the cramped room he occupied Rhys James did enough to leave the crowd’s desire for laughs satiated.
Words: Ian Freeman

Rhys James: Begins, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24, 16:45

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