Ladylike isn’t a word Susan Calman would use to describe herself, and she wouldn’t want to either, but what she does struggle with, is liking herself. She’s working on that though, and delighted audiences like the one I sat amongst sure must help.

Over her career, this Glaswegian comedian has gathered a rather mixed audience –  BBC Radio 4 listeners, members of the lbgt community, and light hearted comedy lovers. Despite all their differences, they unite in a love of the Calman. And you can see why, Susan is simply a funny, clever, and likable woman.

Observations of people in her local pub in Glasgow develop nicely and go far beyond stereotypes, and her self-deprecating material about devouring Vienetta and tearing apart scones to pick out raisins are fantastically visual.

However, some of the stories drag a little. One lengthy impression of gagging while visiting the Sewage System of Paris is a bit much.

In the history of Edinburgh Fringe, she’s not doing anything new or exciting, but this was an undeniably funny hour.
Words: Georgia Jones

Susan Calman: Lady Like, Underbelly Bristo Square, Jul 31 – Aug 24, 18:30

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