In Underbelly’s Clover, around 4:10pm, a man and women – later introduced as Will and Kathy – take the stage. They start to sing of a city that is dark yet stars still shine as the show’s performer/writer makes his unique introduction and The Way the City Ate the Stars begins.

As orator, Wil Greenway charmingly transports the audience to Melbourne, Australia. Using postmodern techniques, he guides us through interconnected moments in time, moments reflecting the heart of existence.

However, abundant discursive anecdotes and its unsettled denouement make the show’s central theme and message unclear. The narration doesn’t indicate whether this was intentional or not, leaving this uncertainty without validation. Nonetheless, the show successfully entertains and moves.

Though it sometimes seems lost in its own discourse, Will Greenway: The Way the City Ate the Stars is postmodern storytelling that beautifully rouses laughter, emotion and reflection.

Words: Sara Vollen

Will Greenway: The Way the City Ate the Stars, Underbelly Med Quad, 4-28 August, 4:10pm

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