This Magic show, while polished and well executed, lacked any of the originality you would hope for in a Fringe show. As you would expect of any professional magicians, I still don’t know how they managed to vanish out of the box, but I wasn’t at all surprised when it happened. These were tricks that I, and clearly the rest of the audience based on the lacklustre response, have been seeing on television for decades.

Young and Strange have all the credentials to warrant being in the big capacity Jam House, as they pointedly showed us with a slide show of their TV appearances, but mostly this show felt lazy. The two magicians wheeled out cheesy jokes based on each others appearances, and exclusively did tricks involving gadgets.

In fact, they even did the same trick twice, once with a cardboard box, and once with the fancy kind of metal box you’d expect from a Criss Angel show, complete with a scantily clad assistant dancing her way inside. I can’t fault them on skill, but only if you’ve never seen a magic show before, could you really enjoy this.
Words: Georgia Jones

Young and Strange: Delusionists, Jam House, Aug 2 – 23, 18:30

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