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Welcome to Tiddleminster

August 26th, 2015 | by lidia
Welcome to Tiddleminster

Welcome to Tiddleminster is Christopher Cantrill’s criminally under-attended Fringe debut. It’s presented as a parody of piss poor PowerPoint presentations crossed with a naff ‘choose your own adventure novel’. Containing all the best facets of LucasArts’ Monkey Island, items are collected, small boys are rescued and in one surreal moment, meteorological formations consulted.

The concept is extremely engaging and even mildly immersive. Holding it all together is Cantrill himself, able to produce both simple and bizarre punchlines with unerring skill. Sometimes he actually felt wrong-footed by the audience’s consistently delighted reaction.

The cutely illustrated slides have the feel of a disturbed child’s picture book. Combined with an addictive control of language and a subtle northern basis for the humour, it’s an absolutely inspired hour of comedy.

Probably the only five star show you can still get tickets for; so load up your knapsacks with poppers and Billy Bear ham and get ready for an adventure.

Words: Tom Crosby

Welcome to Tiddleminster, Just the Tonic at the Mash House, 26-30 August, 1:20pm